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26. april 2018 - 10:10

Nordex launches N133/4.8 for strong-wind sites

(Press release) The Nordex Group is extending its Delta4000 product series introduced in autumn 2017 to include a turbine especially designed for strong-wind sites: the N133/4.8

The rotor blade from the proven N131 turbine has been integrated into the Delta4000 series for the N133/4.8. By combining this rotor blade with the hub and nacelle of the N149/4.0-4.5, also from the Delta4000 product series, it was possible to increase the rotor diameter to 133 metres. The Nordex Group has also raised the maximum output to 4.8 MW in order to make optimal use of high wind speeds, resulting in an additional yield of up to 39 per cent for the N133/4.8 compared to the previous N100/3300 model, also optimised for strong-wind sites. With this turbine, the Group sets new standards in the strong-wind segment for both rotor diameter and maximum output.

The technical innovations embodied in the Delta4000 series’ first turbine, the N149/4.0-4.5, such as an improved service concept, a mobile crane solution and a more efficient electrical system, are also integral to the new N133/4.8, resulting in a significant drop in cost of energy.

As with the N149/4.0-4.5, the sound power level of the N133/4.8 is particularly low. Equipped with serrations, the N133/4.8 turbine's sound level is limited to just 106 dB(A) when under full power, and this can be reduced as required, depending on location, to 98 dB(A) by using numerous different operating modes. The fully flexible control system can even be adapted for special cases such as public holidays or certain times of the day.

Hub heights of 78, 83 and 110 metres ensure that any strict height restrictions can be complied with. This means that even under complex site conditions and with height restrictions of 145 metres the N133/4.8 can be operated efficiently and safely.

The N133/4.8 is particularly suitable for regions with strong winds in north-west Europe, such as Great Britain and Norway, as well as for sites with high wind speeds in Turkey, Australia and Central and South America.

The start of series production of the N133/4.8 is scheduled for 2019.




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